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RAYMARINE Tiller Pilot Leveling Bracket, 3 inch

Отзывы в сети почитал, выбор почти сделал. С одной темой только не разобрался и прошу помощи специалистов. Рэймариновский пилот работает по протоколам и SeaTalk, симрадовский - по протоколам и SimNet. Получу ли я какой-нибудь дополнительный функционал? Отправлено 20 Май - Отправлено 21 Май - NMEA на автопилоте только вход. Как приз можно установить блок для удаленного управления. Второй обычный кабель с разными разъемами. Отправлено 22 Май - Надо, однако, разобрать - удостовериться. Вместо пластиковой гайки бронза. In order to qualify for Advance Warranty Replacement: Subject to the following conditions, limitations and exclusions, to qualify an eligible Product for On-Board Repair Service at no additional charge: Valid proof of purchase confirming: В удаленные районы до 30 дней. При получении заказа проверяйте комплектность товара и внешний вид.

Румпельный автопилот Raymarine ST2000+ Tiller

После получения заказа претензии к внешним дефектам товара, комплектности и товарному виду, не принимаются. После диагностики в сервисном-центре и признания устройства неремонтопригодным - мы отправим Вам новое или аналогичное по Вашему решению. Все транспортные расходы по отправке в сервис и обратно мы возьмем на себя за исключением товаров вес, которых превышает 15 кг. Несмотря на то, что мы стараемся держать в своём ассортименте максимально надёжные и полезные товары, браки, изредка, случаются, если Вы выявили, какой-либо, брак в работе устройства, позвоните нам 8 или напишите по электронной почте info mirnavi. Продажа товаров осуществляется Продавцом в соответствии с Гражданским кодексом Российской Федерации, "Законом о защите прав потребителей", Правилами продажи товаров по образцам Постановление Правительства РФ от 21 июля г. Возврат или обмен товаров, надлежащего качества возможен в случае, если сохранены его товарный вид, потребительские свойства, а также документ, подтверждающий факт и условия покупки указанного Товара. With its dedicated power source -- its own fully-charged, isolated series 27 battery -- interference from the outboard or any other electrical connection can be ruled out. Besides, why does the tiller-pilot fail while strictly under sail, without the outboard running?

raymarine tiller pilot

He soldered the wires in place. They must have had better quality control at their manufacturing site in Great Britain the day this one was assembled. The Frustration Continues September 5, Lee also wanted me to connect a voltmeter to the power wires. He suspected power fluctuations or loss through the plug and socket connection or the wiring harness. He expected the voltmeter to demonstrate this, to show no voltage when the tiller-pilot shut itself off. This too made utterly no difference. The lower section shown Custom builds or special orders h Invented by Autohelm in , tiller pilots have consistently been the worlds most popular pilot ever since, setting the standard for performance, reliability and ease of use. Cockpit Autopilot The EV wheel pilot comprises a fully enclosed wheel-drive for simple installation and superb autopilot performance. Cockpit Autopilot The Raymarine EV Tiller Pilots are perfect for large tiller steered yachts up to 6,kg 13, lbs displacement.

raymarine tiller pilot

Cockpit Autopilot Perfect for vessels with single outboard engines and hydraulic steering, install the entire system above or below decks as required. That kind of thing would have upset the TP30 for sure. No longer do you need to do a compass calibration by going round in slow circles although you can if you want. If not, the unit just does it itself automatically.

There is a dockside wizard which you need to run before seatrials but that is all. You could switch the polarity on the motor if you wanted to swing it around but since it is so easily done in the display I did that.

Документация Raymarine

The drive arm is the same one that Autohelm have used for years. They no longer offer the GP unit which had a better Swiss made motor for longer life but you can still get your standard drive arm modified. To do that it has to go back to Raymarine. I was quite keen to do this until they told me how much it would cost. Not quite sure how they justify such an enormous sum unless the motor is gold plated and studded with diamonds.

raymarine tiller pilot

The same old drive arm that Autohelm has sold for years. At least getting spares for it should be easy enough. I reckoned it was actually about I also adjusted the hard over time from the 4 sec default to 5. This is all in the instructions. It probably would have worked just fine on the default settings but I can play with this at a later date and see if it makes any difference to anything. There are settings for Sail boats, fast sailboats, motor boats etc and you can change the characteristics of the pilot by selecting a different type of boat.

Румпельный автопилот Raymarine Evolution Tiller Pilot для парусной яхты до 7,5 т

But for now I have followed the instructions to the letter and told the pilot it is steering a sailing boat. The display is very nice with a very bright colour screen. The interface is pretty straightforward and simple to use. The display has a few settings for viewing with different colours, red for night time and of course the screen can be dimmed as well. You need to cut a big hole about 3" to fit the display which is a bit of a shame. I fitted the display in the engine instrument panel. When I ordered Doolittle I asked Pacific Seacraft to fit the engine panel as far to one side as possible.

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  • Although they offer a 2 year guarantee which is extendable to three years for free if you register online. The installation was made much easier by the fact that the EV Unit compass can be placed anywhere above or below decks. I installed most of it computer, wireless base station etc behind the engine panel in a space which is used for nothing else. The EV unit lives in a locker far from electrical or magnetic interference. The wiring up of the components is not straightforward although Raymarine have attempted to simplify the system with colour coded connections. The problem comes from wanting to have the wireless remote and an NMEA input to the pilot. Perhaps it is harder on my boat because I do not already have a seatalk system, only a Tacktick system now owned by Raymarine but not seatalk so it requires some complicated additions to make it all work. The NMEA is a bit more complicated as it first has to be converted to seatalk before it can work. Румпельный автопилот Raymarine Evolution Tiller Pilot для парусной яхты до 7,5 т. Добавить в сравнение Просмотр сравнения. Добавить в избранное Просмотр списка. Сообщить о снижении цены Распечатать. Купить в один клик. Обмен и возврат 14 дней. Технические характеристики Отзывы о товаре 0.